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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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to congress. why this new rule cog hurt americans overseas. good morning. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. let's get started with a traffic and weather update. janelle, no issues, i think. >> i'm getting a report of an accident on i-75 near fletcher. i'm checking the cameras and will see if we can find it in a couple of minutes. the southwest moist th county. the nice thunderstorm has increased with lightning as it begins to move east into crystal river. thonotosassa likely getting clipped with that. as we widen out the shot, the storms continue moving inland here. one shower now developing and approaching pinellas here. so more where this came from, clearwater getting a clip. this will be the pattern today
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thunderstorms across our interior county. so we are in a wetter pattern than normal with this. now, we have a front to the north out ahead of it is why we have all of the moisture coming in that streams in from the gulf of mexico. temps holding into the mid to upper 80s today with the cloud cover and rainfall. when we hear about a crash, the first thing we do is try to find it on our camera. so far, we don't have a camera right at so i've been checking cameras in the area. traffic seems to be flowing good on i-75 around fowler. i'll keep checking and let you know on twitter if i see anything. here is a live look at i-275 in pinellas county right at gandy. dan? 5:31. happening today, st. petersburg city leaders are helping call
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city hall this morning. what's happening there today? >> reporter: well, dan, today they will be talking about tougher gun laws. the mayor will be meeting with the group that was founded by gabby gifford. she was the congresswoman who was shot in a mass shooting in arizona in 2011. as you mentioned, gun laws are a controversial subject. no doubt it will be that way today. over the past year, we've seen st. pete's several efforts to fight gun violence. he pledged to fight against violence against youth and described it as systemic problems. they named the area's first director. this is a lofty mission to stop the constant cycle of violence. >> this didn't just happen. we're looking at the
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it's going to take time. >> reporter: the key to that change, of course city administrators say it's building relationships across the city schools and focusing on gun violence. back out here live this morning, of course the mayor says overall, his entire mission is to make communities safer and save lives. today's event kicks off at 11:00 a.m. rodney dunningan, abc action news. some pasco county their driveways and doorstep. they are kkk fliers promoting white pride. one port richie neighborhood was hit. neighbors that we spoke with say they think the klan is trying to capitalize on the current racial tensions in the country. >> i'm mexican, mexican- american, so i thought do they
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they are not very bright if they are sending this to people that aren't white. >> i think it's horrible. everybody has a right to their opinion, but this is a real nice quiet neighborhood. i don't want this stuff here. >> similar brochures have popped up in washington state. cape coral police have made an arrest in a 26-year-old double murder case. officers charging 54-year-old joseph zealer with raping and killing -y year-old lisa story in 1990. investigators say she was arrested in a separate case in a routine dna test that matched him to the cold case. over in lake county, officials are telling us they arrestedded a florida highway patrol cooper. david gonzalez, investigators say kissed a woman and groped her during a traffic stop earlier this month. it looks like congress will avoid a government
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wednesday funding federal agencies through december 9th. agencies with are looking at a potential shutdown on friday had congress not passed the bill. the resolution gets you through without an embarrassing shutdown. key compromise was providing federal funding to help fix the water crisis. and $1.1 billion fights th long fight. the senate plans to drop measures from getting zika funding. >> for the first time since president obama took office, congress has overruled a veto of his. they passed a bill that would allow 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia. the u.s. government investigation found the country
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some low-level officials could have been involved. the president vetoed the bill citing saudi arabia saying it sets a dangerous precedent allowing people overseas to sue the u.s. government including american troops in foreign courts. >> if you have a situation where we're doing disaster relief in the philippines or haiti and a traf happens where tragically a citizen of that country is killed, if they pass the same kind of legislation that we just passed, now potentially that family in that country could start suing the united states. they might say we're going to take jurisdiction over that individual.
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9/11 victims and their day in court is asking a lot. new cyberattacks are designed to influence the election process. the fbi director hasn't said which databases have been targeted. last month, they released evidence that it targeted illinois and arizona. investigators are confident that russia is behind several of the recent acts. miami police say a it- year-old boy is now dead after police have not said who found the body yesterday afternoon. the child was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and pronounced dead a few hours later. it's not clear if the child even attended that day care or if the van is even owned by the day care. according to the abc station of miami, the driver of the van dropped off other children before leaving that 2-year-old alone in the vehicle. it now costs more to fout
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the average cost of full-time day care is $9600 a year. the average cost of in-state college tuition is $200 less. with the median household income of $53,000 a year that's nearly 20% that's spent on day care. two of the world's biggest beer-makers are about to become one company. s.a.b. miller shareholders wil investors who saw the payout shrink when the pound plunged following the brexit vote. when the deal is done, the company will make 46% of all beer profits in the world, according to the "wall street journal." soon you won't have to hide your facebook page while at work.
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work just as facebook does to your personal life, it will connect you to your colleagues. facebook users will recognize tulles they use every day -- tools they use every day including groups and chats. if you are looking for a job, the tampa premium outlets are getting ready to take part in the fall job fair. it happens from 3:00 until 6:00. stop by suite 312 at the outlets between sak's showers and storms for today. most of us will get away with the morning commute being dry. there are pockets of rainfall. we'll talk about that, the extended forecast and an update on matthew straight ahead. >> basically, the only people who are on this are white christian malesp.
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carolina. ahead, the one less isen that cost her -- lesson that cost her, her job. the most hated man in america augusted off a -- auctioned off a job to punch
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17 until 6:00. "playboy" magazine's october issue will be a big talker when it hits stands.
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american woman in a hijab. a 22-year-old muslim american woman is featured wearing jeans, a jacket and hijab. it's part of the renegade series that highlights people who risk their lives doing what they love. a lesson about politics cost a north carolina teacher her job. she had her students analyze speeches comparing trump's rhetoric to adolf hitler. the teacher resigned following accusations she had teacher students after she was recorded. >> he's gone right after them.
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no, not really. i mean, hillary clinton's going to do the same thing. the only thing is she's a little bit more subtle about it. >> a book reviewer of the "new york times" is also accused of comparing trump to hitler, however, "the times" review never mentions trump or the presidential election. an update on the pharmaceutical exec offers the option to punch him in the face. >> kate her winning bid, $50,000. she he will match that $50,000 and donate $100,000 to help the 6-year-old son of his friend who died. he was called the most hated man of america after hiking the price a life-saving aids drug. many say kate should contact
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>> or that guy. >> exactly. oh, my gosh. >> i love it, though. at least he's using it for good. >> what's that some. >> at least he's using the whole thing for good. >> the showers and storms that we're tracking here it's wet already. we want to show you showers and thunderstorms right now. this blew up in the last few minutes with multiple lightning strikes. crystal river along 1 will be as we fly down coastal pinellas, getting in on light to moderate showers. on and off showers will be the trend for today. futurecast will be able to see that. interior counties will see the thunderstorms blow up from nothing. in the afternoon, seeing the storms going.
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today and by tomorrow, same deal. update on matthew. the hurricane moves to the west. where it makes the turn is a big cone of uncertainty here. jamaica looks to make significant wind into the weekend. after that, it is still too early with the models trending east of florida. keep checking back and we'll moderate the forecast. 87 with mostly cloudy skies. rain coverage about 30 to 50% in the next few days. it will keep temps in the upper 80s. we have mid-70s at night. up into the coast, dry air works its way in opinion you'll probably get 60s and keep it into the early part of next week. let's check back in with janelle for the thursday morning commute.
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an easy morning drive. we have a crash at i-75 southbound at the overpass. seeing just a little bit of a slowdown the interstates are looking great. we're all in the green. i-4 and i-75 southbound and 275 over in pinellas, 66 is average speed there. take a look at this wild scene caught on camera. a new jersey driver hits a deer and pulls over. take a look at what's happening right there. it is unbelievable. the deer is attacking the woman inside of her vehicle. the woman says she had to kick the deer and grab its antlers to push it out. she's okay but the deer didn't make it. going off to college, sharing a room with a total stranger can be intimidating.
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the roommate is trash talking you. one student got even instead of getting mad and the internet is loving it. jessica discovered her roommate was complaining about her in twitter. she posted in some tweets that jessica had whooping cough and was a horror story. she printed out alall of the tweets and shared a photo to prove that even what's written in subtweets is out there for the public to see. police have gotten involved. the roommate might with harris money. nothing on the internet is private. one of the biggest new movies has scenes shot in our area. >> also comedian amy schumer wins a dubious honor. she is the first woman to ever be named the most dangerous
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welcome back. good morning. it's thursday. i think we're in good shape for the bus stop here in the mid and upper 70s. we'll fill in more as far as the coverage so by 3:00, the pickup time, temps will be in the upper 80s. ? [music] ? ? memories like the corners of my mind ? [music]
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streisand is coming to the amalie arena. tickets go on sale this morning at the arena box office and ticketmaster locations. this weekend, the annual international balloon fiesta kicks off. >> this year, a teenage girl will hold the festival's record for the youngest balloon pilot. 16-year-old savannah bradley is a third generation on her mom's side and fourth generation balloon pilot on her dad's side. >> our balloons all have the name heaven in it because my dad's very first balloon was named "stairway to heaven" after the led zeppelin song because it was his favorite song. >> she said finding the right wind current at different
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amy schumer is mcafee's most dangerous celebrity. she is the first woman in a ten-year history of the malware dangerous list. justin bieber ranks number 2 volumed by "the voice" host carson daily. rounding out the top five actor will smith and singer rihanna. the man known as the barefoot bandit is out of washington state prison and has a movie deal. >> he escaped halfway house. on the run he stole planes, cars and he was dubbed barefoot bandit because he left his footprint at the scenes. the sheriff doesn't want that. >> that's the part that irritates me the most. he was made into a cult hero that portrayed a dark life of crime.
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money that he will be paid by 20th century fox will go to the victims of his crimes. he is living in a downtown work release facility. disney is remaking ""the lion king"." disney says the studio will reimagine the animated movie as a live action film. john favre row brought the "jungle book" to life. it will probably rely on cutting edge technology. previous live action remakes like cinderella and na maleficent focused on the humans. >> they were fantastic. "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children" which was shot here premieres tonight. director tim burton shows driving shots across the gandy bridge.
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bluff and at a closed grocery store in south st. pete. the movie will debut in 11 local theaters starting tonight at 7:00. and investigating a strip club shooting. i'm lindsay logue. the breaking details are coming up next at 6:00. >> also ahead, crowd confrontation. one man running for his life from angry protesters from san diego. the article of clothing that
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 now at 6:00, frantic moments leading up to a school shooting in south carolina. the one thing the boy shooter did just seconds before the first 911 call from the scene.
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following breaking news in tampa. a shooting breaks out at a strip club. the search is on now to find the gunman. thanks for waking up with abc on this thursday. i'm deiah riley. >> we'll have a live report coming up in a minute. ivan is standing by rate now with a look at the tropics. >> still checking on matthew. no big changes. good morning, overnight. having a little together. we have upper level winds disrupting the thunderstorms. so the center is actually west of where you see the convection or thunderstorm activity. 50 mile-per-hour winds moving west at 16. we are eventually expecting this to become hurricane matthew so that by thursday night woo he have a category 1 hurricane as it continues to move to the west. remember, hurricanes and trop achele cycles depend on what's going up above as far as the
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will tend to hold this to the north. the turn is expected over the weekend as it's turning, it is also intensifying a bit. so we're looking at a cat 2 approaching jamaica with 100 mile-per-hour winds. we'll look at what will happen with matthau. the computer model forecast is trending east. this is still far off and it's kind of a guess toward the end of the forecast. what we're morning are showers and storms. clipping in pinellas here, wet roads to contend with there. we have the thunderstorm going across the extreme northwestern fisher's county. all of it will be pushing to the east. today is t.'s about 50% coverage and in the mid to upper 08s. let's check in with the thursday commute with janelle. the first traffic issue is


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